Monday, October 15, 2012

Back in Papua New Guinea!

We are back in Papua New Guinea!  Although, there are only four of us now instead of seven.  My three oldest are all in the States attending Fairhaven Baptist College. We miss those three very much.  Well, I already have several stories I could tell and we have only been here a few days!  We have seen the Lord watching over us on our travels, and help us through our adjusting again to the field.
For this first post, I will go with a lizard story.  We have been very busy and have faced several battles since we have been back.  On our first morning back, Sunday morning, as we prepared to leave for church, Levi noticed our vehicle had a flat tire.  I am not back two days and I have my first flat tire!  We also have a short somewhere in our wiring in the house.  We currently have no ceiling fans working, the majority of lights are out due to the short and the fridge is fried!  Welcome back!
On our second night here, we all fell asleep very quickly.  We have been working hard all day long to get things back in order.  I woke up shortly before 6:00am.  Mariann was still sleeping and as I sat up and looked at her, I noticed she had a tattoo of a Lizard on her arm!!!  I was pretty confident she could not have snuck out that night and went to a tattoo parlor, so I decided to take a closer look.  As I looked  closer, I am still thinking, yep that is a tattoo of a lizard!  Mariann woke up and noticed me starring at her arm.  She looked at arm and freaked out, and then the “tattoo” fell off!  Only it was not a tattoo, it was a real lizard! Mariann had laid on the gecko and squished it, and the lizard became one with her arm!  It was in a perfect “S” format.  The poor thing suffocated to death!  I certainly hope that gecko had life insurance!