Monday, May 15, 2006

Phone is Back up!

I am back! We have had power problems, and phone troubles. Our phone is working much better now, but we still only have it for a few hours a day.

This past weekend went very well. Saturday, I headed out to the village to make visits, as I usually do. This time, I was meeting with a man named Jonah. He and his new bride have been coming to church since the beginning of the year. Right after they married, they decided to come to the Baptist church. (By the way, the weddings here are nothing like they are in the states. Some other time I will post on the wedding custom here in PNG.)

About two weeks ago, Jonah started raising his hand at the invitation time, asking prayer about his salvation. He wanted to know more. (I have found it pretty consistent here, that after four to six months of hearing the preaching, people begin to become concerned about their salvation.) When I arrived in the village, Jonah was waiting for me by the road. I picked him up and we went to the church building. I began to witness to him personally for the first time. He listened intently. As we talked about the day of judgment he would face, he realized he was on his way to hell. Then I explained exactly why Jesus came to the earth and died on the cross. I showed how Jesus defeated the wages of sin and rose again on the third day. After hearing this, Jonah repented and put his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation!

Jonah, of course, was in church on Sunday, and brought two friends with him. One had come before, but it was the first time for the other friend. His wife is currently on the other side of the island in her home village. Please pray that when she returns, she too will put her faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.

On the way back from church, I managed to loose my bumper. It fell off again and I did not realize it. However, another man found it and brought it to me today! I guess he knew right away who the bumper belonged to. Also, on the way home, I ran over a python that was just about the width of the road. I regretted not having my camera with me. As my truck was approaching the snake, I thought it was simply a large branch off a tree, or a small tree, but as I ran it over I realized it was a python.

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Jerry Bouey said...

Jonah's salvation is great news! Also glad the Lord is still keeping you safe in His service.