Sunday, June 04, 2006

Loyalty or Truth? Which do we follow?

I have been sick for the past few days, so unable to post. I am doing better now. I am also having trouble accessing my own blog! My web filter that I use has blocked access to blogspot. I have emailed the company and it should be fixed in a few days.

On with the post…
This post was in a response I made to a thread on Sharper Iron. I edited it for this blog.
The thread was dealing with the arrest of Dr. Bob Gray.

It is scary to see, for the sake of "loyalty", how much sin is swept under the rug. Too often, we are more loyal to our heroes, institutions, and positions, than the Lord. If our heroes, institutions, and positions are not in agreement/submission to the Lord, then our loyalty needs to stay with God. To do otherwise reveals one’s true motivation for their service to God.

Ministry is not the end, God is. Our ministry should flow from our love for God. When our "ministries" are our purpose/ our life, and not God, our churches become more like machines. Yet, the churches should be "the pillar and ground for the TRUTH.”

From my own view point, I see two outcomes, in churches, when there are misplaced priorities/loyalties. (I am sure there are many more.) Which way one goes, would depend on their particular philosophy. Some churches become more like social clubs: church is about exercise class and choir practice on Wednesday instead of hearing truth. Ministry over rides truth! Compromise is common place. Decisions, in the church, are made based on what the people “want” instead of Biblical principals. The other road is more performance based. Numbers, numbers, numbers!!! Bigger, Bigger Bigger!!! “If you haven’t seen 273 saved this week you are not right with God!” The emphasis is all performance based for the sake of the “ministry.” Ministry is only seen as successful, if there is physical growth. When this takes place, truth will be compromised, because ministry is priority and not truth. Ministry over rides truth!

Both of these positions are equally dangerous. Both lead to a mentality of protecting the MINISTRY at all cost, instead of protecting truth.
Oh, how we truly need to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and might.”

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this out, Terry. I printed out your June 4th blog for my husband.

We are struggling with our own self-esteem, and marriage because we don't measure up to the attendance factor and programming to "bring them in." We have had folks leave our church because we 'house' a home school group in the church and they didn't like it. We feel we are helping the cause of Jesus Christ but letting this school use our building.

We protest that it's the Word of God that's important and our looking in faith to God, living holy lives before God every day and not being pressured by what "everyone else is doing." (a huge program) We have been in the pastorate over 40 years but never a large church. The testings seem to get more severe as we get older (and not as attractive as when young!)

We feel we are standing for Truth and the Home School group does too, yet there are very few Christians that want to be supportive in our ministry (teaching the Word, etc. fellowship, doctrine, breaking of bread, and prayer)

It seems as though you're having a similar experience of seeing the worldly church, and not called out ones that base their actions on God's Word.

Thanks for your opinion.