Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back Online

I am back online if anyone is still out thereeeeeee!!!

Most of the electricity for my house is produced from a 5KVA generator that I have. This generator as been spiking the volts lately. The first time it spiked it took out my AC adapter for my laptop, my printer, and my fax machine. Oh, in case you are wondering, I was using a nice surge protector on the outlet. I thought this surge was a one time thing, so I plugged in another printer I had. This was an older ink jet printer, which I kept in the closet for a back up. I still had some battery power on my laptop and needed to print my Sunday school lesson and sermon out. Well, shortly after I hooked up the printer a surge hit again and fried the printer!!. Now it was two printers gone!

Llast Thursday the plane came in and my new AC adapter for my laptop was on it at a cost of $175! (It can be quite the logistical challenge getting things here. There is no FED EX, UPS, DHL etc… here in Namatanai.) By this time, I thought I solved the generator problem. WRONG. I hooked up my laptop and had my computer up and running. I was thrilled. Well, a few hours later, as I was writing an email, my screen blinked. Then my laptop switched to battery power! I looked at the surge protector and it had cut the power off, due to high voltage, just like it was supposed to do. However, it did not cut it off before it fried the brand new, just out of the box, AC adapter! Yes that’s right; the $175 adapter did not last one day! My wife was in my office at the time, and quickly reminded me how this is really no big deal. I am glad she was there to encourage me. It is amazing sometimes how little things can get us upset.

Well, my second AC adapter arrived yesterday on the plane and so far so good!!!

My next post I will tell you of my first encounter with a shark that happened lat week!!!


Kate said...

Welcome back!! I've been blessed by your blogs - I found you through Bro. Jerry. We support Terry Taylor, a missionary to Papua. Do you know him, sir?

God bless your little blog world.

Terry McGovern said...

I am glad you have enjoyed the blog! I have yet to meet Jerry in person, but I look forward to doing so.

As far as the other missionary you mentioned, no I do not know him. Most of the missionaries are on the main island. I am on one PNG's outermost islands, New Ireland. I only know a few of the missionaries here in PNG.

BobinNC said...

Well glad to see you are sort of online again. I have personally called each of the delivery companies you mentioned to find out they do not deliver to Namatanai, closest I could get anything to you is Port Moresby, PNG.

Tonya, Amanda and I went to see Mark Cahill last night during a seminar for witnessing. I will try to send you one of his books as soon as I finish reading it, I think you will like it. If I could send you electricity I would! Take care!

Terry McGovern said...

Hey Bob,

I am not familiar with Mark Cahill. Was he speaking at a Baptist church in your area?

If you could send McDonalds that would be great. I think I would prefer that over electricty! (LOL)