Thursday, September 21, 2006

Interesting Week

Sorry it has been a few days, for those who are still around reading! We have had phone, power, and water problems. Praise the Lord we had rain yesterday, so our tanks now have some water. We do need more water though, so pray it will continue to rain.

Power and phone problems are relatively minor compared to water problems. When you have to go to a river for your water, it affects every aspect of your life. You even have to lug a bucket of water for the toilet. It can get pretty hectic when you have phone, power, and water problems all at the SAME time. I am just a spoiled American!

I have one generator broken down awaiting parts. I have been awaiting parts for it for one year now. I do have a backup though, and that generator broke down last week. However, I managed to rig it, so it is working now. The breaker fried!

Answered prayer:
Of the 50 to 60 people attending regularly only about 8 youth come. I have witnesses to all of them, and they hear the preaching each week. However, none of them have trusted Christ for salvation. Well, Sunday that changed, when a teenage girl made a profession of faith after the service! I talked with her for sometime and she was ready. Hopefully/prayfully this is the first of many. The youth here, as in many places, have many temptations. Immorality is common, expected and rampant among the youth as well as the adults in the villages.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you. Water is good...

I like hearing salvation accounts - also looking for more on my end, at the Gospel Mission. It may be a jungle out there - but it is also one in there (though nothing compared to the bigger cities). I had one of the regular jokingly state the other day after my interview, "Better watch out - they will eat you alive!" I wasn't entirely sure he was joking. But God plus one is a majority. Looking forward to what He has in store. God bless.

Terry McGovern said...


I will be praying for you as you go full-time at the gospel mission.

And yes water is good! We received some more rain today!

Kate said...

Praise God for the teen girl's salvation! I'll be praying for more to come!!!