Monday, September 29, 2008

September Prayer Letter

Leaving For The Field!

After a little more than a 90 day delay, we have finally received our visas! By the time many of you read this, we will already be on the field. We will be departing the United States on the 30th of September. We have a full schedule once we arrive. We are going to fly into the island of New Britain first before going to New Ireland. We will be staying at a fellow missionary’s house who is on medical furlough. After we arrive there, Daniel and I will then fly over to New Ireland and began the repairs on our house. From reports we have received our house is not livable right now. Daniel and I are hoping that by mid October we can have the house in a place where we can bring the rest of the family over. We hope to have the house completed by the end of October at which time I will dive back into the ministry. Please pray for us as we transition back to PNG. We are all very excited about returning to the field and getting back to the work the Lord has called us to! I would like to thank the churches which have sent funds to help with $13,109 it is costing us to send our shipping container. So far $4,500 has been sent and we appreciate the giving very much. Please do pray for the more than $8,000 left. The container is on the way to PNG, and is due to arrive in the capitol on the 10th of October. We also ask prayer that the container will clear customs quickly without any custom charges. The container should arrive on our island around the first of November.

Highlights from the Past 90 Days

During our delay we have traveled little with only three trips out for meetings. We have spent much our time at Southside Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. This church has been a huge blessing to my family and I. I would like to say thank you to Pastor Nance and the church. Berean Baptist church in Ogden, Utah flew my wife and I out for a meeting in September. I already reported back there last January, but they asked us to come since we had this delay. We enjoyed the fellowship very much. We stayed with Pastor Mallinak and he has a great family. He is one of those fellows who inspires you to serve God better by being around him. This past Saturday I led a lady to the Lord and it was one of those divine appointments. I knocked on her door and after she answered she said she had just been praying to the Lord. Her husband left her that week, and she was scheduled to have heart surgery in three weeks. She listened intently to the gospel message and with joy put her faith in Jesus Christ!


Jerry Bouey said...

Bro. Terry, looks like you are back home now, where I am sure you call home - as I have heard other missionaries refer to their lives on (what we here call) the foreign field.

Praying for the Lord to keep providing for your needs. God bless.

Jim Leslie said...

It must be the greatest feeling in the world for a missionary to be going back to the field that they love after a year or so back in the states on furlough. Yes, you love America, but like David Livingston, your heart is buried on the mission field.

I just wanted you to know that we loved having you at our church (Fairhaven Baptist Church) and that we will be praying for you and your family. I am sure that you already are but pray that God would send more missionaries. I am currently praying for God's will directly.

Terry McGovern said...

Thanks for the comments. It is good to be back on the field!