Monday, June 08, 2009

You never know when God will give the increase

I received a short email a few weeks back that was amazing. The person who emailed me, I have not heard from in over 20 years. We went to High School together. Here is the email:

Subject: Awesome God

You were right. Saved at age 31. Thought you'd like to know. Sorry for being belligerent to you in High School. Will you forgive me?

Wow! Amen!
Our responsibility is to plant the seed faithfully. You never know when God will give the increase! I have since emailed this person and he informed me that he was given the book, The Case for Christ and that shortly after reading that book he made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

We all need to stay faithful witnessing and living for the Lord. You never know who is watching and listening, but rest assured people are watching!!


Johnny said...

Wow that's good! I remember a young man by the name of Todd. He was a christian and carried his Bible on the school bus. Many of the kids, including myself ridiculed him. Now looking back I thank God for that young man, he made an impression on me that the other kids did not.

Jerry said...

That is so awesome. I had a co-worker/friend from Tucson while in the Air Force that I witnessed to many times. I prayed daily for him for years after we parted ways. One day about 3 years later I realized that I had stopped praying for him and couldn't remember how long I had stopped. I've wondered through the years if he got saved and the Lord just had me stop praying. I really expect to see him in Heaven one day.

Terry McGovern said...

Hey Johhny,

I hope things are going well for you. I wonder where that young man is today. I too am thankful for his stand. To think today, a person who once ridiculed him is a missionary!


Yes, I think it is quite possible who will see him again! It is amazing how the Lord works. Did you receive a CD I mailed of some pics and videos yet? I know you have a new address, so you need to send that to me when you get a chance.

Cathy said...

That is an awesome testimony, thanks for sharing

BTW I how is your wife doing, I havent seen/heard an update in a while. We been praying for her in family devotions. I heard she had encephalitis caused by malaria.

Terry McGovern said...

Hello Cathy,

Thanks for asking about Mariann. She is doing fine now. She had severe falciprum Malria. It did not turn into encephalitis. She is back to full health. Although, please pray there will be no relaspe. Last term I had malaria 9 times, and this was my wife's firt time getting Malaria. Due to the severity of her Malaria she could not take several relapses.

Thanks. We truly apprecaite you praying.

Anonymous said...

What a great encouragement to keep sharing the truth!