Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Family Camp (Furlough update)

Last week, I preached my home church's annual family camp. This camp is always a highlight of the year. The week is filled with preaching, games, singing, testimonies, and fellowship. One man even created a human Foosball (SP?) game at camp. It was a blast. This last Sunday night I preached at Old Paths Baptist Church in Glenallen. This church is pastored by missionary Kent Lebouve. It was good to see him and his family again. (The picture to the left is from camp. One of the deacons from my home church, Chris Militech, and I were in a human wheel barrel race.)

My home/sending church has had a great blessing from the Lord this past week. The church has been packed in the current building for some time. My home church averages over 200 for all the services, and when the attendance hits 250, there is no space at all. The Lord has blessed with a new building (new to us). Another Baptist church in the area is selling us their facilities. The new building will be able to sit over 500. It is amazing to see how the Lord has worked all this out, so that my home church is able to purchase this property! It has been an exciting time to be back with my home church these last few weeks. Pastor Roach, my pastor, is thrilled at what the Lord is doing.

We will be leaving Alaska next Monday, heading to the lower 48. We are looking forward to seeing family. My Mom can not wait to see her grandchildren!


Jerry said...

Surely you have pictures of you and Chris in the wheelbarrow race through the mud. ;)

Terry McGovern said...

I only had video clip of the mud, no picture. However, I do have a picture of Chris and I as we left the mud hole. I had that picture ready for the blog, and then switched it at the last second!

By the way, in the video clip I noticed you spraying something on me, what was that!? Detroit deoderant?

Jerry said...

There was a shaving cream fight happening just before this and I found the can laying on the ground. Too bad it was empty! :)

Cindy said...

It sounds like the family camp was a blast! Would love to see even more pics! lol It is so awesome that God is providing this new building for your home church. God is so awesome and always provides just what we need when we need it!

Terry McGovern said...


Yes, camp was alot of fun, and the Lord is amazing how He meets our needs!

jas said...

good on ya

Br Junkins

jas said...

find shane nelson for me

pump him up for the Lord please


Br Jim

Tell preacher and Br Gibbs howdy