Saturday, August 25, 2007

From Books a Million to Life Eternal

This week I had an interesting encounter at a book store. I had to travel to a Best Buy to repair my laptop. Once I finished there, I noticed a store called Books a Million next door. I had never been in one of those before, and I enjoy book stores. I wanted to find a book called Safely Home anyhow, so I decided to go inside. After I entered the store, I quickly found the “religious section.” There was one other man in the same area, and he was looking at Bibles. The man approached me and asked if I knew what a “New Living Translation” was. He told me he just went to church for the first time in a long time the Sunday before, and they informed him the church used a New Living translation. I told him today there are over 100 different versions of the Bible and the NLT was the version the church he visited was using. I strongly recommend a KJV version and told him several reasons why. He then told me he remembered going to church with his Grandmother and that was the Bible she used. He said he remembered it was a KJV. (Of course, at that time that was almost the only version available! Oh, how far we have come! Today we have more versions than ever, and more coming out every year, and look how well America is doing today!)

From there, I quickly turned the conversation to the gospel. Wow, was this man fruit ready to be picked! The store we where in had a cafĂ© in it, and I asked him he would like to sit down and talk. He said yes. I went through the gospel and we talked for about an hour. Near the end, I explained if he would repent and put his faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord would save him. While I was talking, he stopped, without any prompting from me, and bowed his head and put his faith in the Lord Jesus. He then put his hands to his eyes and wiped away tears. I was rejoicing with him. He then told me how amazed he was we had met that day. His wife had left him the week before. His life was a mess and he was seeking for God. That was the reason he went to church the previous Sunday. (He visited an AOG church.) The church recommended that he go to a “Barnes and Noble” and buy a NLT. While going to the store, he changed his mind a decided to go to “Books a Million.” While there, he could not find this version. (He did not know to look for “NLT” on the Bible.) While still at the store, he called a man from the church to ask again which Bible to buy. When he called the man was not available, but his secretary said he would call him back shortly. He was waiting for this call back when I arrived in the store. He saw me and decided to ask me about the NLT. Right after he asked me, the phone rang and it was this man from the church. He basically told him he found someone to help him at the store.

Think about all that the Lord arranged for this Divine appointment. Had my laptop not needed repaired, I would have never met him. Had I not followed the leading of the Lord to go to Books a Million, we would not have met. Had he went to Barnes and Noble, we would not have met. Had he found the version of the Bible he was looking for, we would not have met. Had he gotten a hold of his friend on the phone before I arrived, we would not have met. I am so glad the Lord gave me the opportunity to give the Gospel to this man. What a privilege! The man (Ted) left the store with the Lord and the KJV Bible!



Jeff Voegtlin said...

Praise the Lord.

Jerry Bouey said...

Terry, about time you posted again! ;)

This is great news! I love it when we see God clearly at work like this! God bless.

Terry McGovern said...


I need to start posting again, at least once a week. I've been lazy. :)

Jerry said...

Terry, I have been thinking about this since you emailed me this weekend. I was thinking how God had worked out your arrival at the store just as this man was looking for a Bible. You didn't share as much detail in the email, but it is even better now knowing how God worked out this divine appointment. That is just awesome! Amen!

Terry McGovern said...

Hey Bro,

Yes, it is amazing to see how God worked in this situation!

BobinNC said...

Hey Terry,

Amen and what a great story. Did you ever get a copy of "Safely Home"? I have three, one you got me (the hardback), and I also have a paperpack (Tonya is reading it now) and a cassette version. Let me know if you need one of them.


Terry McGovern said...

Hey Bob,

I did find the book at Books A Million. I found it as I was leaving.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Good news on the man you met at the store.

Cindy said...

What a fabulous encounter God set up for you both. Praise God that you both listened to Him and went to the right place! With God, the mans life is surley to start looking much better and he can now start putting those broken pieces together.