Friday, September 28, 2007

Traveling and Calling

I am doing alot of traveling. I am currently with my family in a mission Conference in Bossier City, Louisiana, at Shady Grove Baptist Church. This is one of my supporting churches, and we are enjoying the meeting. I have a few more meetings in Louisiana after this meeting, and then I have a few in Alabama and Georgia. I am also busy scheduling new churches for meetings. We will need to raise addtional support before going back.

Getting the new meetings is a humbling, and at times difficult process. Back when I started deputation I had no idea how difficult it would be to schedule meetings. To some degree I understand this as Pastors need to be careful as to who they have come in. Obvioulsy, Pastors want missionaries in they agree with, so this is not the frustrating part. I also understand many Pastors receive several phone calls a week from missionaries, and there is no way they can have them all in. The frustrating part is just getting past the church secratary! If I could just get the Pastor on the phone and have him tell me yea or nay as to a meeting or not, would be great. Many times, as soon as I mention I am a missionary, I am quiclky told the Pastor is not available, when it appeared he was availble just seconds before I mention I am a missionary. :) I found that to be humbling as well. I had this crazy I idea when I started deputation six years ago, that as soon as the person answering the phone at a church heard a missionary was on the line, they would be more thany happy to get the Pastor on the phone. When I was assistant Pastor, I always looked foward to talking with missionaries, so this was a suprise to me.

Although, I must admit the frustration leaves when I remember the Lord is in control and He will put me in the churches He wants me in. Romans 8:28 is a great verse, truth and help. When we come to frustrating times we all need to rember the Lord is in control and just stay faithful, trusting Him.

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