Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mission Conference, Shady Grove Baptist Church

This last week, my family and I reported back to Shady Grove Baptist Church, during their mission conference. We had a great time during the week and the church really made us feel special. The last night of the conference one of the men in the church gave us a CD with pictures he took thoughout the conference. Here are some of those pictures.

The shoes in this picture represented one of the themes for the preaching during the week. Dr Joe West preached the conference. Each pair of shoes represented someone who played a big part in missions and has went home to be with the Lord. The question was asked over and over who is going to fill the shoes. The black shoes, on the top row fourth from the left, belonged to Dr. Lee Roberson. The brown shoes on the top row 6th from the right had belonged to Lester Roloff. The shoes on the second row belonged to missionaries. On the third row the shoes belonged to lay people who made it possible for missionaries to go to the field.

Dr. Joe West and his wife.

This is me in the dunk tank. My daughter Rachel is throwing the ball. For those at my home church, in the background you can see Eric Jones. He is standing close to the church building.

Men's Prayer Breakfast (Missionary Josh Adams and Missionary Jim Gulledge)

Missionary Bob Nichols. A second generation missionary to Brazil. (Again, for those from my home church, Mrs Paulette Jones is the background wearing blue, leaning against the wall.)

This the Pastor of Shady Grove Baptist Church, Dennis Blankenship

This is missionary Steve Anderson

The family and I singing after the international banquet.

Meeting new friends.

Pastor Blankenship and his wife, Karen.

Myself and fellow missionaries taking up the faith promise cards.


Jeff Voegtlin said...

Bro. McGovern,

Where is Shady Grove Baptist Church? It seems like I remember a church by that name in GA somewhere.


Terry McGovern said...

Bro Jeff,

The church is in the south, but not GA. It is located in Bossier City, Lousianna.