Friday, November 30, 2007

Finding Faith at The Flea Market

I know, I know, it has been a very long time since my last post. It has been difficult for me to get into a normal routine thus far on furlough, with all the traveling. I appreciate some people letting me know they were looking forward to my next post, and they noticed I had not posted for awhile.

Several weeks ago, I was in Alabama reporting back to a supporting church. The church was Landmark Baptist in Lineville, pastored by Danny Rogers. The meeting was a Friday through Sunday morning. On Saturday, before the meeting that night, we spent a good part of the day making visits. One of the visits was very memorable. We went and visited a lady and her husband at a flea market. They had their own stall at the market. After making some small talk, I asked the couple what church they attended. The lady, Linda, told me she had been a member of Church of Christ, Methodist, AOG, and Baptist churches in the past. I knew right away that there was a good chance this lady was very confused about the gospel. I asked her to tell me what she would say if God asked her “Why should I let you into heaven?” She told me she prayed frequently asking forgiveness for her sins, she tried to do right and I think brought up baptism, but I can’t remember for sure. From there I went into the gospel, trying to present it as clearly as possible knowing her background. A small crowd started to gather as I presented the gospel. One lady came over and said, “I heard the word being preached, and that is free, so I came over here!”

It was difficult breaking through all of the false teaching she had learned, but I could see the Lord was working on Linda’s heart. I went into an illustration based on II Corinthians 5:21 (“For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.”) By this time, Linda had admitted she was guilty before God and on her way to a lake of fire. After the illustration, it was as if the Holy Spirit turned the lights on for her. She looked up at me and loudly proclaimed, at least two times, “I get it! I get it now! For the first time I get it!” She then began to weep uncontrollably. Linda did not care about the crowd that had gathered. While she was weeping I asked if she desired to put her faith in Christ and Linda said yes, and then by calling upon the Lord, put her faith in Him! I was rejoicing, as well as Pastor Rogers. Linda was also rejoicing. After we talked, she told me, with conviction, she would be in church the next day. Her husband, however, was hard to the gospel. He was polite and kind but did not put his faith in Christ. By his non verbal communication it did not appear he was thrilled with his wife’s decision. Linda did not come to church the next day, and I talked with Pastor Rogers a week ago and she still had not come. More than likely the husband is the reason for this. Pray for Linda and her husband. Her husband needs to be saved, and Linda needs to get into church to live for the Lord with boldness.

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Cindy said...

What an awesome story! I will be praying for Linda and her husband!