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Three Key Elements To Successful Service For The Lord. John 9 (Part II)

Now let’s continue with John Chapter nine.

Again, in this chapter, we see three attributes in Jesus’ life, which if these three are in our life, we too will have success. The three attributes we see are:

1) Considerate of Time

2) Compassionate

3) Courage

In my earlier post, we looked at Considerate of Time. We saw how we need to use our time wisely here on the earth. We need to “work while it is day for the night cometh.”

In this post we will look at Compassion and Courage, and how all three attributes resulted in a Changed life.


Let’s look at vs. 1
(John 9:1) And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.

(Oh, to have the eyes of Christ! To see men as he saw men. To see needs as he saw needs. I am so thankful Jesus passed by me, a poor, wretched, blind man, and had compassion.)

Jesus looks upon this man, but he does not see this man as the disciples saw this man.

1) Notice, Jesus saw a need; the disciples only saw their circle of friends.

It was not the disciples who noticed the blind man, it was Jesus. The disciples were, no doubt, talking amongst themselves, as they traveled. They were with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. They knew the Savior. I would imagine their talk was even about spiritual things. It was even good for edification. John, talking with Peter. James talking with Matthew. Jesus teaching the truths as they walked on the road. Sometimes even good things can hinder our service for God.

As they walked, only Jesus notices the blind man. No doubt, all the disciples looked upon him, when they saw Jesus look upon him. Had Jesus not noticed, they would have passed him right by. Keep in mind, this blind man did not yell out to Jesus, as others did. He did not even ask to be healed as others did. Yet Jesus still took notice of him.

How many times are we limited in our vision, by our current company, by our “circle of friends”? How many times do we fail to look beyond our comfort zone, and see the needs that are out there? Yes, we all need our circle of friends, in our Christian life. They are there to encourage and help us with our Christian life. Fellowship is a very important part of the Christian life. However, let us not limit our vision to just “our circles” and miss the needs that are there.

We are to be lights in this world!

Compassion is what opens our eyes to the needs around us. Compassion Searches and Sees

2) In the blind man, Jesus saw an opportunity for service. The disciples saw a chance for a theological discussion.

(John 9:2) And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind

This is so true of us today. Instead of seeing needs, we desire to debate. We like to talk, but we do not like to work. Thus we will not meet needs as we should! When we look upon people are eyes to tend to focus on problems, instead of solutions. We don’t see an opportunity, we see opposition. When someone who has a need comes to us, we say, “I will pray for you, may the Lord bless you.” Then we head the other direction, or do our best to find a reason why we should not help this person. (Most of the time never even praying for them.)

Without eyes of compassion our service will be with a hard heart and we will fail to see many “blind beggars”
(The blind beggar in this chapter represents the lost.)

Compassion is what opens our eyes to the needs around us. Compassion Searches and Sees.


Jesus healed this man on the Sabbath day!!! In John chapter 5, is where the opposition to Jesus ministry began. It is here that the Jews began to desire to kill him. Why? What happened in John chapter 5? In that chapter, Jesus heals a lame man and tells to pick up his bed and walk. He did this on the SABBATH. The Jews were furious, and thus the opposition begins.

Jesus knew full well, what would take place if he healed this man on the Sabbath. He showed courage/boldness, and continued with the work the Father had sent him to do.

We too need courage/boldness in our work for the Lord. Many times we will face opposition. Without courage we will back down. We will never see lives changed. We will never see great victories. Lord give us boldness!!!

We need to keep our eyes on God not on circumstances.

How do we receive boldness? Boldness come from being Spirit filled. Acts 4:31. I don’t care what your personality is. Don’t tell me about your “temperament” and thus you can’t do this work. Boldness is not about our personality. It does not come from me or you. It comes from the Spirit of God. Thus if I am yielded to the Spirit, he will provide the boldness needed for the Work!!

In conclusion:

Think of the new life of this blind man. He had been blind from birth. He had never seen a tree, never seen water, a mountain, his own Mother or Father. He never saw a cloud, a star, or the sun. He had never even seen himself. WOW! What a new world is open to him now. Think of the Joy he must have had, when he washed the mud off and saw! Think about how he wondered at all that there was to see. How true is this when one repents and puts his faith Jesus Christ. He can now see! He knows what life is about. He can see himself as he truly is. He can also now see the Son! There is joy when one receives their sight, but there is also storms.

Even though the blind man had joy, he still had trials. In verse 34, the Jews threw him out of the temple. However, in the very next verse, Jesus was there to help! The Christian life is not an easy life. There is great joy and great trials. Yet, when the trials come, since our eyes have been open we can look for the Son. Jesus is there to help!

If we desire to see lives Changed, to see “blind beggars” receive their sight. We too need to be Considerate of Time, Compassionate and Courageous.

Missionary/Pastor Terry McGovern

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