Wednesday, February 22, 2006

(Part III)

(This is the third part of a three part series. I highly recommend you read Part I and II first on this series.)

Does the gift of tongues still exist today?

I Corinthians 13:8-10 talks of the time when the gift of tongues will be over. Tongues is spoken of as something in “part”, and then the I Corinthians 13 teaches that which is in “part” shall be done away. When will it be done away? When “that which is perfect is come.” So, whenever this “that” has arrived, tongues will be over with!

So what is the “That”?
Some might say the “that” is Jesus Christ. No way. Jesus Christ is not a “that”. It does not say when “He” which is perfect is come. Many Scholars believe this “that” in I Corinthians 13 to be the Word of God, after it has all been written down.

Upon the completion of the New Testament, these certain gifts would be over with. Why? No longer a need. Now, one can go to the inspired Word of God, in the New Testament to get understanding and confirm the Truth.

What are Charismatic tongues then, if not the Biblical tongues?

Let’s first look at the history of Charismatic tongues. (Most of this information I received from a great book on the subject written by Dr. Dennis Corle)

Modern day tongues began in 1900 in a Pentecostal bible school in Topeka Kansas. A woman named Agnes Ozman was the first to speak in the gibberish language. (Interesting to note how a women was the first one influenced, much like the devil did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. According to I Corinthians 14:34, the gift of tongues was not for women. Even today still in this movement many of those who, “speak in tongues”, are women. Also note how it was not first in a church, but in a school.)

After this event it did not happen again until 1906. At this time, the Azuza St. Assembly was founded in Los Angles, Ca. Their main emphasis was seeking your personal Pentecost. They were seeking tongues. From here the modern day tongues movement really began to grow.

Charismatics claim if you are truly Spirit filled, and received the, "second blessing", you will speak in tongues.

Let’s examine testimony to see if those who "speak in tongues" in this Charismatic movement are truly Spirit filled.
-One known Episcopalian Priest speaks in tongues, yet he denies the virgin birth, and the resurrection!

-Homosexuals in the metropolitan church speak in tongues.

-Pentecostal Pastors were found to be keeping women for immoral practices, and at times found drunk. Yet during the time this all was going on they still spoke in tongues. (Something tells me they were not, Spirit filled.)

-How about well known American Evangelist Jimmy Swagart! At church or on broadcast he would speak in tongues, after service/broadcst, he would get involved in immorality with a prostitute. ( I don’t remember reading where that is one of the fruits of the Spirit.)

-Roman Catholics are now known to speak in tongues.

(Also many leading “clergy” have said tongues will be the issue that brings the churches together. Interesting. The basis of fellowship being if you speak in tongues, not what doctrine you believe. That ought to raise a red flag in your thinking, Christian.)

So what is the modem day tongues? It will fall into one of four categories.

1. It is something taught in many cases
- Many well known Charismatic leaders have books on how
to speak in tongues. (I thought it was a gift of the Spirit.)

- One church in West Virginia distributes a pamphlet
teaching people how to speak in tongues.

- The Evangel Tabernacle gives their people a phrase to repeat
over and over and faster and faster until they speak in
"tongues”. (None sense)

-Wayne Robinson, a tongue speaking Pastor, teaches his people to say, "Blessed Jesus, suffering savior, save the sin sick souls of sinful man. We wait willingly wonderfully, wistfully, right now." (What chapter in the Bible teaches this?)

(In this following example, I have known people personally, that have had a simular experinace.)
A young man went to a Charismatic service; he went forward to pray for his father. There he was met by several men, who he said began to "babble." Then the preacher looked at him and told him to speak in tongues. He was scared. He did nothing. The preacher then gave words to repeat a gibberish that he had trouble pronouncing. When he attempted to say the gibbersish words, the pastor proclaimed to the church that the “young man is now speaking in tongues."

Ask yourself, did those in Acts 2, 10, 19 have to be taught before they spoke in tongues?! Did they read a how-to-book first? Did they have to follow some gibberish of another man? NO! NO! NO! Try the spirits!

If you have been taught to speak in tongues, you can be sure, it is not the tongues of the Bible.

2. For some it is faked because of pressure or pride. ­
There is a great deal of pressure to speak in tongues in these movements. In many Charismatic circles, your spirituality is determined by your ability to speak in tongues. Many who have left the movement have said it was fake for them, nothing but pure flesh.

3. In some cases, it is an emotional experience.
Remember, the Holy Spirit is not a seducing spirit. He does not take over a person by force. Many primitive religions speak in “tongues”, and it is clearly an emotional state, worked up, much like many charismatic services.

4. In some cases, it is demonic activity.

(Isaiah 29:4 And thou shalt be brought down, and shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust.)

I have personally seen in charismatic services, where women fall to the ground revealing their bodies, and have to be covered up. Sometimes men and women falling on each other in compromising positions. Does that sound like it is off God?

A missionary, back from the orient, was in a charismatic service, and some people began to speak in tongues. The missionary went to the Pastor and told him the lady who spoke in tongues spoke in Chinese, and it was pure filth that came out of her mouth! There are many other accounts similar to this one.

Some say, "but these people are sincere". True, many are, but all you have to do is seek something God has not promised you, and the devil will be happy to give it to you, to keep you from truth.

I hoped this study helps.

If anyone is out theeeeerrrrreeeeee reaaddddinnnggg thiiiiisssss.


Jerry said...

I aaaaammmmmmm.

It's amazing how obvious that the tongues mentioned in the Bible is a language that others could understand (Acts 2:8) and not the gibberish that is sounded, yet people believe a lie of the devil so blindly.

Terry McGovern said...

glllaaaadddd soommmoonnee iiisss heerrreee. :)

True Jerry,

The devil is very good at blinding people to the truth. Even if the truth is right there in front of them.

To often people only go by what they see, instead of the Word of God. We are to "walk by faith not by sight."

God will never go contrary to His Word

Bob in NC said...

I am too, just read all three plus Mairann's story.

You would really think the charismatic movement would understand more about tongues with as many missionaries as they send out. If they were truly "gifted" with tongues then a missionary could land in a foreign country and right away, without any language training, start preaching to them and the indigenous people would perfectly understand. I am not aware of any accounts of that happening anywhere but the Bible.

Although I was wondering after watching your video and watching you preach if you were speaking in tongues, lol, glad you clarified your stance with these three post, :)...Just kidding of course.

Jerry Bouey said...

Dennis Corle has a great book on Tongues. He has actually given me permission to put his study of 1 Corinthians 14 online - you can access it by clicking on my name above.

Good comments Terry, there are just too many getting caught up in experiences, and they won't heed the Word of God. I would rather have a walk based on something that does not change - God's objective, authoritative truth - rather than a changing emotional, subjective one - wherever the next wind takes me...

Terry McGovern said...

Jerry B,

Dennis Corle's book is the best I have read on the subject, besides the Bible. :) Some of the material in my post were from his book.

The best person I have heard speak on the subject is Pastor Turner from Westgate Baptist church, in Tampa Florida. He is great at tying together Isaiah 28:11-14 with the gift of Tongues.